What is classified?

Hello Guys” Today I am going to share you the techniques of classified submission and what is its effects on websites ranking in Search Engine.

Before going to describe you the facts about classified submission you must have to understand the actual meaning of Classifieds.

If you are reads of English Newspaper then you must have read a section in which many Advertisements are printed on. Take a look at the heading of that page “Classified” is the heading out there. Yes now you understand the meaning of classifieds, it means advertisements.

What is classified?

Classified submission is one of the most popular techniques used in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is one of the most influential ways to let the world know your business and services. Classified submission site are used to promote and increase the brand awareness in the market by driving potential buyers and generating sales for products or services.

Definition of Classified Submission!

It is activities of Off Page SEO, and this done to improve the organic ranking of website by submitting short story about your product and services. This active will bring actual customer, who are interested in your products or services. There are hundreds of Classifieds ads submissions site are on the internet and submitting on these website really helps in increasing business and sales. This is the most popular and easy way to get backlinks for your keywords. And this will helps you to rank on search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing very easily. But as usual every activity has some advantage as well as some dis-advantage. Disadvantage of this technique that: most of the classified website deleted your ads after 7-15 days or may be after one month.

Why Classified is important for Business?

As per the trends set in last few years all those products or services is shown in the eyes of people they will purchase that products or services. It is because the mind set of people is that whatever in showing in the TV or advertisement the best in their segments. Therefore classified is also a medium to advertise you products and services.

We all know the effects of internet on the life style of general public, they all are try to use internet. As per a research which shows that today about 80% of youngest ages between 18-24 years are on the web. Therefore internet is the place you can find larger volume of customers for your products and services. Whether you’re business is small or larger, internet marketing has changed all scenario.

Types of Classifieds:

Classified are mainly divided into two types,one is online and another is offline.

• Online Classified

This activity is done on internet world, where lots of website who can helps to add your ads here for free or on very little amount of time. Online classifieds are very simple or easy and very cost saving also.

• Offline Classified

This activity is done on offline mode and it is very expensive also. Mainly this types of Classified require larger amount of money and time to invest. Therefore big business are going for the offline classifieds.

SEO Benefits of Classified Submission:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is consisting of many techniques and strategies to obtain maximum benefits from online marketing. Classified is also a part of that technique or strategy used in SEO. Classified submission helps in SEO by collecting the traffic for your website. It automatically enhances links for website and to attract buyers towards your services. Classified in SEO is all about utilizing right strategies for speeding up your website with well positioned in search engine rankings.

Followings are some benefits of Classifieds Submission is given:

  1. You can improve your local business via classified ads posting.
  2. Classified ads help to make and improve brand in the market.
  3. Classified is indirectly help to improve revenue and lead.
  4. It will help you to drive potential customers for your products & services.
  5. Classifieds generate a high quality do follow backlinks for your website.
  6. It also helps improve search engine ranking in search engine like Google, Yahoo etc.
  7. Classified can be done on any Keywords and increase your ranking for that keywords.

How to do Classified Submission?

After all this discussion one topic is still not discussed that is how to do classified submission? For classified submission you have to make a short story and few detail in a data form given below:

Title – Use Your Keywords……….
Description – Tell words about your services and products….
URL – Use your URL related to your keywords used in tile …..
Name – Put your name
Phone Number – Use your business number
Image – Make a photo related to your title…
Address – Put your address

Note: You can also add your URL in your description….

One you have made your story to submit on classifieds sites. I have list of few Best Free Classifieds Submission site for 2017. Now have to register yourself on these sites and start following instruction to submit your classifieds.

Classified is done on the basis of the location of your targeted audience. All website not give option to submit ads in all over world. Means different countries have some different and specific classifieds site that have millions of visitors on daily basis.

Top 10 Classified Submission Site for 2017:

S.No. Website PA DA Alexa
1 66 59 1,511
2 58 49 20,178
3 52 42 4,879
4 49 43 29,251
5 48 38 80,609
6 36 31 1,07,195
7 36 29 63,653
8 37 25 2,50,446
9 30 23 1,73,925
10 24 23 1,89,923
11 26 18 2,00,382

Top 15 Classified Submission Site for 2017:

According to Countries:

S.No. United States of America(USA) DA
1 sites 88
2 59
3 49
4 49
5 45
6 37
7 39
8 47
9 29
10 38
11 29
12 29
13 37
14 29
15 37


S.No. United Kingdom(UK) DA
1 45
2 34
3 37
4 37
5 43
6 26
7 25
8 37
9 19
10 23
11 24
12 24
13 25
14 41
15 23


S.No. India DA
1 88
2 55
3 53
4 41
5 39
6 36
7 39
8 33
9 45
10 43
11 49
12 59
13 49
14 43
15 30


S.No. Australia DA
1 42
2 36
3 33
4 50
5 59
6 43
7 39
8 30
9 20
10 49
11 27
12 20
13 17
14 22
15 59

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