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10 Quick Tips about How to Start SEO

If you are a business owner or business manager and you are struggling for business leads, no leads=no business especially in service sector business. Today I’m writing here in this post how you can get more leads through the internet, are you hear about “SEO”….I think no no…or maybe yes but a little bit..today I’m sharing here how to start SEO and start getting more leads, quick tips easy understandable:

One of the hottest topics of World Wide Web is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). And this is the time for tough SEO and every business needs SEO for making their online presence. This is because somehow all the customers and users are using internet and purchasing products or services from E-Commerce sites like Amazon or Snapdeal etc.

As earlier I have said that this a time of tough SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because the main search engine of this world is Google, Yahoo, Bing and few more. And ranking on top position of these search engine’ SERP page is just like climbing on mountain. It is because completion is very high and the competitors are always ready to eat their rival any time or anyhow. So tackle with these competitors you have to be ready for battle all the time.

Therefore just like mountaineers whom have all the Equipment’s for climbing on the mountain, you also have to prepare your equipment’s for this to ranking on top position of these search engines SERP pages. And equipment for climbing or ranking on top position on Google SERP page is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Here below you will get Top 10 Quick Tips about How to Start SEO:

  1. Structured Website: Your website must be well structured and very presentable as well as user friendly. You can do this by arranging all content in defined manner. Easiest way to do this is attaching a sitemap in your website.
  2. Unique Content with Quantity: You must have Unique Content, it means your website does not contain any copy paste contains. You must aware about quality over quantity concept also. If your content is unique as well longer in length your chance of ranking on top position is also increased. It is said that content is King for ranking factor in Google or in any search engine.
  3. Keywords Density: Your content must be keywords riches, means keywords density must be between 2 – 4%. It is because keywords are one important factor in ranking on top position.
  4. Generate High Quality Backlinks: Must have to generate high quality backlinks for your website. It is said that if content is King then backlinks are queen.
  5. META Optimization: Optimize your META in such a ways that they are very concise as well as very descriptive and also able to engage users.
  6. Loading Time: Remove all those items which increase you’re loading time, because it said that 40% of user will never return to those site that have more loading time.
  7. Content must be written for Human: Always write for human primarily and then think about the search engines. It is because if your content is not written as per human point of views then ranking will not stable. It is because if you did not write for human then your bounces rate will increase and finally result is that you are out of the ranking.
  8. Proper Anchor Text: Use proper Anchor Text in your full content. Does not use word like “Here” “There” etc. for your anchor text. Always try to use your keywords for anchor text.
  9. URL Must Human Readable: Use human readable URL structure like “axy.com/search-engine-optimization” etc. Do not use characters like #?ID etc. in your URL because it will not satisfy users, and they are get puzzled sometimes in founding your page.
  10. Optimized Image: Optimize the images, always create alt tags and write description in the alt tag. Keep the entire image very small in size, so that your loading time will not increase.

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