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Tips for Search Engine Optimization

Top 20 Search Engine Optimization Techniques for 2017

Top SEO Tips and Tricks

Everyone have to use few good SEO tips. Search Engine Optimization is a volatile process, and that’s why SEO Expert must have to be up to date with all the algos updates and ethical practices. If you are looking for pure and fabulous SEO tips, you are on the right place.

SEO is something that every website must have to do. With optimizing any website for search engines, you can increase your chances of ranking high in SERPs for your main targeted keywords; it means that you get more traffic to your site.

Search Engine Optimization is not rocket science, with some basic training anyone could do it. In this post, I will be talking about SEO tips and tricks for websites that want to achieve long run ranking.

Do not Trust on Guaranteed SEO Ranking

If you hire or outsource, SEO Company or freelancer for Search Engine Optimization to your website, whenever you heard the words Guaranteed SEO Ranking, run as fast as you can. Because it is just a trick to make full, since no one can guarantee for SEO Ranking.

Whom that guarantees they make your website ranking on top positions in Google SERPs for defined keywords, most of the time are scammers.

 Results would not come instantly

I think Search Engine Optimization is just as a chess game between you and Google. It is a game of patience. You can only predict what is going to happen? But what happens is different? Optimizing a website for top rankings takes time, and results usually come after months of work. If had you followed or played the best Search Engine Optimization moves, results will definitely come.

All beginners do a silly mistake that, they do not have the patience to wait and watch. They want quick and instant result.

Understand the process of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a continue process. Search engines especially Google are updating their rankings algorithm a many times in a year. So to become successful with SEO, you have to know what works best for you and eliminate outdated techniques.

Publish Unique and Quality content

Your content is the most important part of your website. Without quality content, it is impossible to rank high in Google SERPs. Your website must have quality and unique content and providing the information to the user.

If your content (article) is longer and have quality which is able to engaging for the user Google will gives more credit to your article. Do your best to engage your user and make them share their thoughts.

Do Keywords Research for your website

 Think before writing article which you are going to write. Analyse that is it in the trend or anyone have the requirement for this article. Never start writing an article without doing keywords research. Use Keywords Tool to find what people are searching for and for what problems they are trying to get answers. Google Keywords planner is the best keywords research tools. Find synonyms and look to what keywords are used to search in Google.

 Always write for your readers, not for search engines

Always think about what your readers want to know from you and write with keep in mind that your readers are humans. It is a common perception that purpose of content writing are only for the getting higher rankings, in search engine SERPs.

Publish fresh content on daily basis

If you publish new articles on a daily or at least on weekly basis, Search Engine crawler will come to your website on regular basis and will give your website more authority.

With new content, you also get more chances of ranking for new keywords. All those websites which are on top ranking, they all publish their content on regular basis.

Always use relevant and unique titles

It is very important that you always use unique and relevant title for your article. Add your main keywords in your titles. It is very hard to get higher ranking without having the main keywords in your title. Your titles shall be concise and attractive or not longer than 55-57 characters.

Improve your website loading speed (time)

Website speed is also a ranking factor. But it is not something to worry if your website have quality content and are well structured. However, any website takes more than 5sec to load Google classify the slow loading website.

Create interlinking system in well defined manner

Whenever you publish new article then put one or two internal links. It makes article very engaging or informative for the readers. If every entire article you have published contains a link to other page it will help in increasing the average time on website or also decrease the Bounce rate.

Create Quality Backlinks Smartly

Quality Backlinks are very important for Search Engine Optimization. Without backlinks, it is very hard to say that it will get ranked or not.

Please do not waste your time in building irrelevant backlinks from directory or article submissions websites. Instead, build links from those websites which have authority and are relevant for you. A single quality backlinks can have more potential than a hundred of low-quality links.

Keep track of backlinks and protect from negative SEO attacks

Keep tracking of your backlinks. Because it is just as important as building them. Many SEOs are building backlinks and then they completely forget about checking their status. These day negative SEO are very common. In many cases it is done by your competitors, it is because they want your website get penalized by search engine like Google. Generally competitors create of low-quality backlinks to your website.

Use social sites for Search Engine Optimization

Use Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus to connect with bloggers and make relationship with them. And ask them to put the link on your website. Social media is a great place to generate backlinks. It will generate traffic for your website also.

Optimize all images on website

Image is very effective because readers will quickly understand the matters in the article. Insert screenshots with examples in the article if it is appropriate. Each image shall contain Description, Alt, etc. With image optimization you rank high in Google Images.

Choose simple and short domain

The most popular domains are using the .com extension; therefore it is very difficult to find good domains. So pick a domain that’s easy to remember and pronounce.

Fix all the broken links issues

If your website linked with a page, and that page actually did not exist anymore.  Use Google Webmaster Tools to identify these links and fix them.

Do not use flash

Google are not understood Flash and Ajax, meaning it will be impossible to crawl your content. Flash websites might look pretty and cool, but they are the worst for SEO.

Ignore PageRank

In this recent time PR become useless with SEO point of view. It is because Google has stopped updating their PageRank toolbar more than one year ago. And they also announced that it doesn’t have any plans to update it. Try to improve your authority through building quality backlinks.

Don not over optimize anything

Over optimization is something you must avoid. Don’t do keyword stuffing or building links using the same anchor text. Google penalizes websites that don’t look natural.

Search Engine Optimization is a continuous process

Many people think that search engine optimization is finished when they get top ranks in SERPs. It is the time when they lose their focus on SEO and competitors take advantage of it. So never leave SEO for the website.

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