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Her in this article, you will get detailed information for doing competitor analysis in SEO with  SEO Competitor Analysis Tools and also you will get all the List of Highly Reputed Websites or Tools used by the experts and experience SEO professionals for Search Engine Optimization.

Top List of SEO Competitor Analysis Tools in this article:

  1. SEMRush – Partially Free and Partially Paid
  2. Spyfu – Partially Free and Partially Paid
  3. SE Ranking – Partially Free and Partially Paid
  4. Similar Web – Most Tools Free and Partially Paid
  5. Alexa – Partially Free and Partially Paid
  6. Majestic SEO – Partially Free and Partially Paid
  7. Ahrefs – Fully Paid Tools

Now a days SEO is becoming very tougher for digital marketing experts because of the competitors for the business and websites and after that whatever is left that will sucked by the Google algorithms. Therefore to do competitors analysis is become one of the important activities for making SEO strategy. It is because to beat your competitors it is necessary for anyone to be aware about the strategy which is adopted by their competitor. If you did not do then it became very tough for you to beat your strong and gigantic competitors.

What is Competitor Analysis for SEO?

Competitor’s analysis in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means finding the real online competitors for specific keywords or for a group of keywords. Once you find these competitors than you can execute any SEO strategy to beat those competitors and ranked on top position of SERPs of any Search Engine.

Now these tools will just like swords of samurai for the SEO Professionals or SEO Analysist. It is because swords give the power to samurai to tackle with their competitors similarly these tools give power to SEO Professionals or its user for tackling with their rivals in this real competitive world of Digital Marketing or you can say Search Engine Optimization world.

Detailed information of SEO Competitor analysis tools:

These all SEO competitor’s analysis tools are very useful and very important for analysis any domain or website from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) point of view. Therefore these tools and enjoy the data provided by these tools.

SEMRush – Partially Free and Partially Paid

SEMRush is very popular tools for SEO or Search Engine Optimization. It is because this tool gives approximately each and every data related to SEO campaign. This website give information related to your organic ranking keywords, your organic competitors, your paid competitors, your paid keywords, related keywords, Total numbers of ranking keywords, total backlinks, etc.



Spyfu – Partially Free and Partially Paid

SpyFu is one the best competitors analysis tools avilable in the market and provides very clear and fair data for users which is very usefull for SEO Competitor Analysis. This tools gives you many data related to Search Engine Optimization and all those data are very important. SpyFu is very useful and strong tools for doing competitor analysis it is because you can understand by its name and that is to do spy on others. SpyFu proovides many information like your organic ranking keywords, your paid keywords, your organic competitors, your paid competitors, your competitors share for keywords, related keywords, Total numbers of ranking keywords, total backlinks, etc.



SE Ranking – Partially Free and Partially Paid

As above all tools SE Ranking is also very important and very useful tools for your digital or SEO competitor’s analysis. This tool will do very deep analysis of website and give you very accurate and correct data for your website. SE Ranking will give you the data such as your organic competitors, organic ranking keywords, paid keywords, organic traffic, paid traffic, pattern of traffic flow, etc. As you can see in below images.




Similar Web – Most Tools Free and Partially Paid

Similar Web is a tool which is used for many others matric along with competitor’s analysis. This tool gives many data related to competitors and special function in this is that you can compare your site with your competitor’s websites. It will give you a good and clear amount of idea that why your competitors are on higher ranking than yours. This tool give many other metrics like traffic overview, total visits, average visit duration, Pages per Visit, Bounce Rate, Traffic Sources, Similar Sites, etc.


Alexa – Partially Free and Partially Paid

Alexa is a tools owned by and this tools very popular to giving ranks to website on basis of their traffic. This tool has many usability and few services are free and few are paid services. Alexa will give you many useful data for SEO. Data like competitors, ranking keywords, percentage of traffic cater by keywords, location of users, Bounce Rate, Daily Pageviews per Visitor, backlinks, sites with similar name, etc.





Majestic SEO – Partially Free and Partially Paid

This tool is mainly used for detecting backlinks of any domain. This tool gives very authoritive data related to backlinks and give details about backlinks too. But this tool have also many other function like competitors analysis, to check citation flow, trust flow, etc.


Ahrefs – Fully Paid Tools

This is a fully paid tools and very useful for the SEO professionals for analysis any website for On Page or Off Page SEO. This tool is used for many purposes like use for doing backlink research, organic traffic research, keyword research, content marketing & more.


Few Others SEO tools have many other functions too;

  1. MOZ – Open Site Explorer
  2. Monitor Backlinks
  3. Backlinkwatch
  4. MySiteAuditor
  5. SmallSEOTools

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