Top 20+ High PR Free Article Submission Sites List 2017 | Instant Approval

Top Do Follow Free article submission sites to boost your traffic in 2017-2018:

What are Article Submission sites in SEO?

Article submission in SEO means that all those plat form or website where you can publish your article. Here is nothing complex process for article submission on these websites. Theses website likes you or user to submit unique and insightful articles.

Here comes the list of high PR top article submission sites in 2016-2017:

Top 20+ High PR Article Submission Sites | Instant Approval

S.No. Website PA DA Alexa
1 92 91 385
2 91 90 373
3 90 88 8,169
4 87 84 10,603
5 78 74 599
6 63 55 137,640
7 24 32 385,655
8 22 23 1,561,019
9 22 31 380,932
10 22 24 389,867
11 17 23 581,421
12 17 23 767,372
13 25 25 575,507
14 66 60 13,344
15 47 42 625,813
16 76 71 67,682
17 26 41 149,883
18 44 48 120,496
19 35 34 339,887
20 31 37 58,374

Top 10 Article Submission Sites for 2017

Article Submission sites in SEO

Hello Guys” As you all knows that every time I am try to share my little expertise with you. Today I am going to share each and every information related to Article Submission in SEO with you all guys. As you all knows about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Off Page SEO.

What is Article Submission?

Article Submission is also a part of Off Page SEO. Among all of the Off Page SEO Techniques, Article Submission is one of the most relevant and most successful techniques for producing high quality backlinks. In Off Page SEO, Article is writing for the topic which is relevant to business or blog. Article submission generally refers to the writing of articles that are relevant to your online business. Once you write article then you have to add this article on man popular article submission sites.

How Article is used in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

As you all know about backlinks is one of the main reasons behind the higher ranking in search engine ranking pages. And article submission is one of the most popular for creating high quality backlinks. Therefore article creation and submission is an important part of your SEO campaign.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a tenuous process used by businesses may be big or small all over the internet. When it will execute well, a website can propel to the first page of the major search engines result pages.  It will put the business in the line of sight of the consumer when they’re already searching for a product or service.

One and most popular method that is used effectively is articles submission. It is submitted to free sites with links that show Google and others that your website has a presence all over the web. Hence it will increase your ranking in major search engines.

Importance of Quality of Article!

It is believed by many people that because article submission simply generate backlinks therefore quality of article is not important. They assume that Google will be the only read these articles. But Google realised this, and now treat articles with spelling mistakes, poor content or grammatically incorrect sentences as Spam which can actually lower your rankings instead of increase them. Therefore it is important to produce article which is well written, professional, informative and interesting.

Top 10 Sites for Article Submission in 2017:


S.No. Websites PA DA
1 92 91
2 91 90
3 90 88
4 84 80
5 78 74
6 63 55
7 47 36
8 34 24
9 24 32
10 22 23