List of Top Free On Page SEO Audit Tools

If you are looking for the “List of Top Free On Page SEO Audit Tools”, than you are at the right place. Here in this article you will get a list of On Page SEO Audit Tools, all of these tools are very powerful as well as very effective too.

On-Page SEO means improvising or organization the website in such a way that it is easy for the search engine crawler to crawl the website. On Page SEO is one of the most important part of SEO and without On Page SEO it is very tough for any website to get higher ranking in search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Therefore On Page SEO Audit Tools will provide enough data for improvement and you can change or improve your website accordingly.

Many of these tools are very popular as well as have very different usage too. These On Page SEO audit tools have their own unique styles of providing data to its users and it depends on users that how they utilises all those data.

List of Top Free On Page SEO Audit Tools

S.No. Website PA DA Alexa
1 92 100 1
2 40 92 1,791
3 74 75 7,442
4 72 66 9,004
5 62 55 17,119
6 82 79 18,160
7 50 40 52,600
8 40 28 105,668
9 52 42 118,084
10 49 40 936,397

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  • Rakesh

    Hey Admin,
    Is there any restriction for this tool to check the canonical URL’s.?
    For a project which i was working. I was not able to test more than 400 URL’s. and i was not registered to this site at that point of time. was it a reason ?

  • Ivan Palii

    These tool are really great. I use them all. I guess you’ll also like our seo checker –
    Share your mind about this tool, please.

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