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Top Do Follow Free article submission sites to boost your traffic in 2017-2018:

What are Article Submission sites in SEO?

Article submission in SEO means that all those plat form or website where you can publish your article. Here is nothing complex process for article submission on these websites. Theses website likes you or user to submit unique and insightful articles.

Here comes the list of high PR top article submission sites in 2016-2017:

Top 20+ High PR Article Submission Sites | Instant Approval

S.No. Website PA DA Alexa
1 92 91 385
2 91 90 373
3 90 88 8,169
4 87 84 10,603
5 78 74 599
6 63 55 137,640
7 24 32 385,655
8 22 23 1,561,019
9 22 31 380,932
10 22 24 389,867
11 17 23 581,421
12 17 23 767,372
13 25 25 575,507
14 66 60 13,344
15 47 42 625,813
16 76 71 67,682
17 26 41 149,883
18 44 48 120,496
19 35 34 339,887
20 31 37 58,374

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  1. Thank you so much sir.. for sharing this wonderful sites list. I always follow your article.This is so incredibly helpful and I got many ideas I can implement with ease.
    Great job getting all the details in one place for posting and told us that how can its very time consuming. I want more sites list. You always provide us gives a best results its a great collection for SEO. Please provide multiple usage of website like ” ” who instantly approved its features are amazing. I also tried for SEO as press release and News.

  2. I really appreciate your writing style, it’s really a great information, thank you for posting this post. I completely admitted myself with this article. Once again I just would like to say that keep it up like this and keep writing for us.

  3. Hello Kundan, Thanks for sharing this awesome list of Article Submission sites. Almost all sites are live and work fine.if possible please add more sites in list and update it. Hope this will also help me to get some targeted traffic and high quality back-links.

  4. Hi Kundan,

    Stop making fool out of people. Most of the sites you’ve mentioned in the above post are no-follow. If you stating Dofollow, then please mention only do-follow sites. It’s wasting everyone time.

    1. Thanks for the feedback…. and if any of the website are giving no-follow then name them and I will remove them from the post.

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