Web Crawler

Importance of search engine crawlers A search engine crawler is a software program that travels throughout the World Wide Web. It is locating and indexing websites for a particular search engine. While search engine crawlers known by many different names, such as Internet bots, web robot, automatic indexers and web spiders. But the work of the search engine crawler is still the same. There are many different professional search engine crawlers available today, such as the Google Crawler, and are used to list the URLs for use in the search engine. Without search engine crawlers, there would be no results for SERPs, and new pagesRead More →

Search Engine Optimization

Meaning of Search Engine Optimization Search engine optimization (SEO) is a methods or process of optimizing web pages and their content to improve the ranked of website by search engines in their Organic Search Results. There are many different methods for that and every SEO Expert use their own techniques to achieve that goal. For example SEO Expert will make sure that the website’s architecture are user-friendly for visitors or not. User are able to find content easily or not and all the webpages are mobile-friendly and load quickly or not. Instead of trying to game with search engine, websites should focus on providing visitors with usefulRead More →

Keyword research is the first steps for the SEO practitioner to do the search engine optimization (SEO) for any websites. Keyword research is one of the most important factors in the search engine optimisation process. It is very important for any SEO Expert to study the website you are optimising for and also analyse its business competitors to better understand its industry get an idea of how to select keyword words for the website you are optimising. You also have to understand the audience for whom you will be marketing and this will also helps you in deciding your keywords for your optimization. If youRead More →

A search engine results page (SERP) is the data collection of results that a Search Engine shows with a certain Keywords Phrase. Each and every data includes the linked internet web page title, the linked web page URL (Uniform Resource Locator), a small description of the page’s content, material and, in certain circumstances, it describe some interest facts about the website. There are mainly three types of results shown on a Search Engine Result Page: All those Pages that have been crawled and indexed by the Search Engine Spider. Pages that have been manually brought to the search engine’s listing. Pages that show up accordingly of paid inclusion.Read More →

SEO is Short Form Of Search Engine Optimization It is a method or process to increase the visibility of website in the Search Engine Result Page(SERPs). Search engine optimization is a collection of strategies, techniques and tactics. All these techniques are used to increase the amount of visitors to a website. It is done to obtaining a higher ranking in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) of a search engine. The higher a website naturally ranks in organic search results of a search SERPs. It will increases websites traffic. Search engine optimization are mainly done for to achieve top ranking in search engine organic results. SEO helpsRead More →