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PPT Submission is an Off Page Techniques of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This article contains Free PPT Submission or Sharing Sites Lists 2017. PPT Submission is famous and used to create backlink for SEO. These PPT Submission sites backlink is always do follow and very helpful for increasing webpage ranking in search engine like Google. PPT Submission is good Off Page SEO technique.  As you all knows that PPT means PowerPoint presentation is prepare to used content and image.

PPT Submission Sites Lists 2017:

S. No.





1 www.mediafire.com 154 89 91
2 www.slideshare.net 156 96 96
3 www.scribd.com 277 93 93
4 www.4shared.com 420 83 86
5 www.zoho.com 448 82 86
6 www.box.com 493 82 86
7 www.wattpad.com 738 83 84
8 www.issuu.com 772 94 85
9 en.calameo.com 4,991 93 92
10 www.powershow.com 6,403 42 51
11 www.authorstream.com 11,643 72 77
12 www.slideserve.com 12,474 52 60
13 www.slideboom.com 27,027 66 71
14 www.keepandshare.com 79,325 76 80
15 www.slideworld.com 79,787 37 46
16 www.presentationpro.com 105,390 44 53
17 www.sliderocket.com 112,991 73 77
18 www.present.me/content 192,214 47 1
19 www.m62.net 344,846 36 44
20 www.zentation.com 439,728 37 47


How to Do PPT Submission:

For PPT Submission each and every PPT have 5 to 20 slides and every slide used unique content and unique image. Simply  create account any PPT Submission sites than upload PPT  and type title, description  and keyword than submit button press and preview PPT  take  link. My all PPT Submission sites unique and different sites and easily submits PPT.  We are providing free PPT Submission, Sharing Sites Lists 2017. These PPT Submission sites have good Domain Authority as well as High Alexa Rank and also have good PR.


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