Top 10 Article Submission Sites – Free List


Free Article Submission Sites List

Article submission is very old and effective method of creating quality and relevant backlinks for your website. Here in this process you have to submit article on different-different article submission directories. This method of backlinks creation does not require any technical expertise; anyone can submit contents on these websites very easily.

Top 10 Free Article Submission Sites List:

S.No. Websites
Alexa – 65
DA – 100
Alexa – 214
DA – 94
Alexa – 426
DA – 92
Alexa – 10001
DA – 91
Alexa – 512
DA – 91
Alexa – 90925
DA – 80
Alexa – 213,662
DA – 57
Alexa – 185,470
DA – 56
Alexa – 226,841
DA – 52
Alexa – 190,514
DA – 51
Alexa – 643,439
DA – 46

What is Article Submission?

Article submission is a process of submitting content or article to the different-different article submission directories in the relevant category. Article Submission is an important part of Off Page SEO for creating high quality backlinks.

What are Benefits of Article submission?

Article submission is done only for one reason and that is high quality backlinks. It is because backlink is one of the top 3 ranking factor of Google ranking algorithm. Another reason for this to increase Domain Authority (DA) Google provides ranking on the basis of DA of any website and calculation of DA is directly related to backlinks. DA is introducing by MOZ and if your website high DA means high ranking in Google.

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