Top 10 Video Submission sites for 2017

Importance of Video Submission

Hello Guys,

Today I am here to explain you about the video submission site for the SEO beginners.

It is because in the initial stage of Search Engine Optimization you did not have such experience or skills to find the right video submission sites for your work.

So that’s the main reason I am here to give you a list of Top 10 Video Submission Sites for 2017.

Before going to the list we have to understand the importance of video submission in search engine optimization (SEO). The main reason behind video submission is that search engines give more weightage to pages containing videos.

For Example:

If you have submitted video of products or services for your website on YouTube.  And then when someone searches for that product on the Internet, the possibility of your video showing in the top results is much higher if your competitors have not the video on the webpage. For this you must have to put the link of your website in that video or in its description. When people watch your video, they see your products or services related information in it and if they are interested in what they see. Then they will visit your website to buy what they have seen and liked.

Video Submission process has become very popular among the Digital Marketing as it’s easy to get started with it. Video Submission is done to get a high quality backlinks for the website. It is because generally these video submission sites have very High Domain Authority and larger number of visitors.

Now you have to understand that, How to create Video for the Video Submission?

There are two methods for creating video for your website or your products:

  1. Create video from words documents or from PPT.
  2. Create video with the helps from Professional Video Editors.

Note : My recommendation is PPT, because it is very easy to create and required basic PPT knowledge and you can add sound in it also. For Convert use online tool :

Once you have created your video, than make a small story with title on top and description which contains URL of your website. You can look in the image given below:

Inputes for Video Submissions

After it all you have to upload your video on the video submission sites. Before submission must ensure that you are going to submit your video only on those sites which have High Domain Authority.  Followings are the Video Submission sites with High Domain Authority as well as with Higher Alexa Rank also.

S.No. Website PA DA Alexa
1 97 100 2
2 94 98 136
3 97 100 3
4 94 95 117
5 58 50 1,13,135
6 97 100 1
7 85 81 11,955
8 60 53 3,46,016
9 96 97 372
10 49 99 5

Some of the important benefits of the video submission process are


  • It helps in getting more traffic to your website.
  • It helps in building more backlinks for your site.
  • One video can be submitted to several video submission sites.
  • You can drive traffic from several video submission sites to which you have submitted your video.
  • Search engines give more weightage to videos.

If you got your information or it you got the required information then comment bellow. Or if not satisfied then recommend us so that I can improve those things.

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