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Social Bookmarking

What is social bookmarking & How to do social bookmarking in SEO

In this article I will explain you importance, effectiveness and many others things of social bookmaking like:

  1. What is social bookmarking in SEO?
  2. How to do social bookmarking in SEO?
  3. Why Social Bookmarking is important for SEO?
  4. What are the benefits of Social Bookmarking?
  5. Give you a mini list of best SB sites of world.

What is social bookmarking in seo?

Social Bookmarking is an Off Page SEO activity. In this activity we create as per our keywords and publish them on Social Bookmarking sites.

All the Off Pages SEO is related to content sharing somehow. Hence Social Bookmarking is also an activity of sharing content on all different bookmarking sites like Reddit, Dilicious, Diggo, Slash Dot, Digg etc.

All these sites have option for sharing content on their platform.

As you know that all these sites have very domain authority and page authority and therefore when your websites get backlinks from all these site, it boost your domain authority, page authority as well as your keywords ranking for the linked pages.

How to do social bookmarking?

Now you understand the meaning of Social Bookmarking then you wants to know that, how to do social bookmarking? Following are the steps for How to do social bookmarking in SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Step 1:

First of all you have to create profile on different social bookmarking site for bookmarking.

Note: Content must be unique and have words more than 150 words.

Step 2:

Once you have register profile on SB sites, after that you have to create content related to your products, services or as per your keywords.

Step 3:

Now you have to put your website or webpage link and keywords in content, separate your keywords with the comma.

Note: Put only one link (URL) in the content and linked page must be relevant content to your bookmarking content.

Step 4:

Now you have to publish your content on all those bookmarking sites where you have register or created your profile for bookmarking submission.

Note : You must have to submit your content or bookmark in related category of your website only.

Why Social Bookmarking is important for SEO?

With SEO eyes Do Follow backlinks are most important for Search Engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

All search engines mainly Google give more importance to those sites which have more do follow links. And many social bookmarking sites like reddit.com, delicious.com, stumbleupon.com give Do Follow backlinks.

Do Follow backlinks allow search engines crawler to crawl linked pages or websites, and as result search engines get more pages and information for crawling and they have more data for their users for that particular crawled page.

And this result for websites get higher Domain Authority as well as higher keywords ranking in Search Engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

What are the benefits of Social Bookmarking?

It is not possible for me to give a list of all the benefits of social bookmarking. It is because all bookmarking sites have their own uniqueness and you will get benefits as per their uniqueness. But it is fixed that with social bookmarking your website will get numerous benefits. Here below you will find the some of the benefits that SB brings with them.

Benefits of social bookmarking in General Terms:

  • Easy to use or you can say User Friendly

It is helpful for your site and for the user too, this is because that your users get most recent articles, updates, and news related to your website easily. And you know that it is very difficult to find on search engines that easily.

  • Simple accessibility from any devices

One of the main concepts behind social media is accessibility and you can access all social bookmarking sites from any devices like mobile, computer and laptops etc.

  • Best platform for sharing you website and content

All bookmarking sites have sharing option in some different way and by that ways you can share all your content for comments, reviews, and rating with your friends, colleagues etc.

  • Increase website traffic quickly

A huge number of individuals visit these sites everyday and all the time. By presenting your links on these social bookmarking sites you will get a great amount of traffic for your website.

Benefits of social bookmarking are in Technical Terms:

  • Indexing websites faster in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • With social bookmarking helps your website gets deeper Indexing
  • It will also help in improving your websites domain authority.
  • Categorization is become very easy with this activity
  • Social media gives quality single to search engines for ranking
  • It will improve co-citation of your content and your website
  • Social bookmarking generates backlinks and that will be of high quality
  • You can build relevant incoming backlinks
  • Increases the chance of getting draws new clients or customers
  • It will also help people find your business easy

Now you are well aware about what is social bookmarking in SEO and How to do social bookmarking also understand benefits of it. I have provide some world’s best social bookmarking site.

List of some famous social bookmarking site’s name with their individual domain authority, page authority and alexa rank.

S.No. Social Bookmarking Sites PA DA Alexa
1 https://www.reddit.com/ 96 99 7
2 https://www.google.co.in/bookmarks/ 45 88 8
3 https://in.pinterest.com/ 88 100 77
4 https://www.plurk.com/ 88 86 1,654
5 https://www.stumbleupon.com/ 95 97 1,699
6 https://kinja.com/ 78 78 1,955
7 https://www.scoop.it/ 92 90 2,904
8 https://slashdot.org/ 95 94 5,879
9 https://www.diigo.com/ 90 87 9,676
10 https://www.bibsonomy.org/ 73 67 47,097
11 http://www.folkd.com/ 77 76 94,084
12 http://www.bizsugar.com/ 68 61 1,24,127
13 http://www.bookmark4you.com/ 49 39 1,44,388

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